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O Nas

Lowell International Company is the largest importer and distributor of polish foods within the US. Our company has warehouses in both Chicago, IL and Brooklyn, NY. Together these warehouses have over 235,000 square feet of storage space which allows us to store adequate amounts of products to guarantee to our customers the largest selection of food items. Our customers include polish and ethnic stores in the East coast and central region. To service our customers better, our company has a workforce of over 100 employees. 

Lowell International Company has been in existence since 1993 and originally was the local distributor of the polish magazine NIE. In a short amount of time after that, we added other polish magazines into the company’s distribution. The best service and our client’s satisfaction have made our job much more rewarding and because of this we now offer over 400 magazines in our distribution. We deliver these magazines to local stores 4 times a week. In addition to weekly magazines, we also distribute subscription magazines that can be sent anywhere in the US. 
Our large selections of magazines have made our company the largest distributor of polish magazines in the US. 

Our company’s expansion and our growing client base for our magazine distribution have lead us after just a few years to begin importing food products from Poland. At this given time we have in distribution over a thousand imported products. 
The products we sell are both great tasting and in constant demand, and because of this we have created our own brand of food items to reach an even bigger market. Lowell Foods products are our best tasting and most distributed food items in the US by our company.
Due to the fact that our company is not able to handle distribution to all the polish and ethnic stores in the US, and to those individuals who live in cities where there are no such stores that sell our products, we created www.lowellshop.com. By creating Lowell Shop, we are giving the opportunity to all who are interested in buying our products the chance to do so from the convenience of their homes.
At our eShop you will be able to purchase many of our products that are offered by our company. Included are our delicious food items, cosmetics products from Poland and Europe, a vast variety of herbal medicines and also subscription magazines.     

Ilość produków (sztuk): 7 (68)
Waga: 350.28 lbs.
Wartość zamówienia: $181.07
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The Naperville Sun Business wrote:
The Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, presented by the University of Illinois at Chicago's Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, will induct new members today at a dinner at the Chicago Hilton and Towers.
Chicago Suntimes wrote:
The Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, presented by the University of Illinois at Chicago's Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, will induct 28 new members on Wednesday at a dinner at the Chicago Hilton & Towers.
Our eShop is coming soon
We would like to inform all of our customers that starting in May you will be able to do shopping online in our eShop.
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